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Document Revision History
Date Version Content Type Description
2016–09–21 1.0 Articles Initial release.
2016–10–25 1.1 Articles Removed categories at section level.
2016–10–25 1.1 Articles Removed “continuous” and “theme” from list of issue types.
2016–10–25 1.1 Books Added book specification (initial release).
2016–12–22 1.2 Articles Added requirement that a package with an issue-meta file must match an existing issue record
2017–01–22 1.3 Common Expanded Address to include new child elements
2017–02–07 1.4 Articles Updated XMLSpecJournProc narrative clarifying that cover images must meet required extensions (no PDF)
2017–02–14 1.4 Articles Added requirement that toc-content elements in issue-meta must be unique.
2017–02–15 1.4 Books Removed restriction on links in section titles and headings.
2017–02–24 1.4 Books Added support for subtitle in title-group.
2017–03–01 1.4 Common Added support for name-alternatives in contrib.
2017–03–15 1.4 Books Added 'month' and 'day' to book-meta/pub-date and updated publication date instructions.
2017–03–19 1.4 Books Added support for pub-history in book-meta and book-part-meta.
2017–03–26 1.5 Books Added section “Link to PDF of content” to specification.
2017–03–26 1.5 Books Added support for book-level assets (e.g. cover images).
2017–04–02 1.5 Books Removed restrictions on pub-history in book-meta and book-part-meta.
2017–04–02 1.5 Articles, Books Added bio to authors.
2017–04–02 1.6 Articles Added ability to designate JAM and PAP articles in the XML.
2017–04–05 1.6 Articles Added option to create categories with type toc-heading during import.
2017–04–19 1.6 Books Added book-volume-number in book-meta
2017–04–19 1.6 Books Added support for Book Series
2017–04–19 1.6 Books Added support for subtitle in book-title-group.
2017–05–03 1.7 Books Added support for chapter xref within single xml Document
2017–05–22 1.8 Books Added support for chapter keywords
2017–05–30 1.8 Articles Added ability to include issue editors via the issue-meta file.
2017–06–05 1.8 Books Added support for MARC records
2017–06–05 1.8 Articles, Books Added support for excluding content from on-site purchase availability
2017–06–05 1.8 Books Added optional id attribute to permissions (primarily for book-meta permissions).
2017–06–22 1.9 Books Added support for permissions in book-part-meta
2017–06–23 1.9 Articles Added support for dual issue numbering